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Software Development & Digital Design
Rendering & 3D Printing
Engineer and former startup founder. Previously lead UI developer at ExtraHop Networks and co-founder/CTO at, a venture-backed startup. Currently building new companies at Pioneer Square Labs.
Selected Experience
Principal Engineer, Project Lead
Pioneer Square Labs
Pioneer Square Labs is a startup studio that tests and validates startup ideas, then funds and hires a founding team around the most promising concepts. Our backers include 13 of the world's top venture firms and over 50 angels from the Pacific Northwest, Silicon Valley, and around the country.

We're looking for people interested in being co-founders and lead engineers for our companies. It's a great opportunity to build a startup, without the risk that comes with starting from scratch.

Principal Engineer, Team Lead
ExtraHop Networks
Responsible for building and supporting the ExtraHop product UI. Worked closely with the CEO and business stakeholders to develop requirements and define the strategic direction of the product.

Led an eight-developer team, driving the technical vision, architecture, and implementation of a web-based analytics platform. Established a wireframe-driven UX design process, triaged and prioritized features, and managed our outside graphics firm.

Wrote several major product features, including the data analytics engine, real-time metric search, and HTML5-Canvas based visualizations. Python, JavaScript, Angular, PostgreSQL.

Senior Engineer, Team Lead
Senior engineer and team lead, responsible for building and testing Marchex's core VoIP platform. Led a team of five engineers (dev+qa) to sunset and replace several legacy services, driving the technical vision, and coordinating feature development, testing, and the migration of customers to the new system.

I was personally responsible for writing the company's next-gen SIP router, and contributed to its Asterisk-based call handling platform. Perl, Oracle, Redis.

Co-founder and CTO
Raised over half a million in angel and venture financing, then recruited and led a four-person engineering team to build a product serving 150,000 coaches and athletes. Managed budget, product vision, and technical roadmap. Acquired 2012.

Single-handedly built alpha version of product in Perl, JavaScript, and Flex. Focus on A/B Testing, UX design, and conversion optimization.

Notes & Lists
Favorite Books
George W. Bush read 95 books a year while he was President, according to Karl Rove.
Seeing Like a State (James C. Scott)
Roman Lives (Plutarch)
The Illuminatus! Trilogy (Robert Shea)
Barbarians at the Gate (Bryan Burrough)
On China (Henry Kissinger)
"Never look at the trombones, you'll only encourage them." (Richard Strauss)
The Tales of Hoffmann (Offenbach)
The Marriage of Figaro (Mozart)
La Cenerentola (Rossini)
Short Stories
"I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." (Mark Twain)
Leninigen vs. the Ants (Carl Stephenson)
The Crack Up (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
The Last Question (Isaac Asimov)